A8 processor and the latest iOS 8 will running on New iPhone 6


The rumors that the iPhone 6 is finally growing up have stirred Apple fans with design chops to action. Apple released until next-generation products, and admired a variety of pre-production of the iPhone 6 concept machine. Return to Apple iPhone 6 will be renamed the third quarter of 2014.

Italian designer Federico Ciccarese has shown us his visions of a possible future iWatch or an iPhone Air in the past, and this week he got in touch again to share with us how he conceives of a bigger iPhone 6 with both 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens.


Apple iPhone 6 has been officially approved, and will use special metal casing, while the border is more mellow, with more than 4.7 inches retina screen, built-million-pixel camera, is expected in June 2014 WWDC conference publication.

Recent news of Apple, first in their online exposure will be equipped with 4.7 inches around the screen before iPhone 6 processor specifications are online exposure, a message will be displayed using Apple iPhone 6 A8 processor using 20nm process technology Cheng, outstanding performance.
The exposure of this model A8 processor is a quad-core processor, does not yet have a specific exposure information, it is learned in order to ensure the phone’s performance further, the apples will be equipped with 2GB of memory iPhone 6.

Screen Resolution
DisplaySearch gives the next generation iPhone 6 or will be equipped with 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches LCD screen. Four times the resolution of upgrading, both length and width doubled to 2272 X 1280.

Martin Version
A set of design models from Martin Hajek of iPhone 6 show appearance iPhone 5/iPhone 6 are similar, it is equipped with 4.7 inches retina screen, processor put the A8, are running iOS 8.0, and 800 million pixels provide 2GBRAM camera.
The design Built a 2100mAh capacity battery, and is designed with ultra narrow design, the overall style is a combination of iPad Mini and iPod Touch design.
iPhone 6 will offer a variety of colors, and colorful version of the iPhone will be used to continue its lineage back of the fuselage aluminum design.


Arthur version
Designer Arthur Reis design concept Apple iPhone 6 machine display, its overall design continues the iPhone 5 style, containing A7X processor performance compared A7 doubled.
Body thickness of 6.1mm, compared to the iPhone 5 is 7.6mm, about 20% thinner. It equipped with a 4.4-inch full HD screen, sapphire screen material, sensor support 120FPS 1080p video recording. A large aperture of F/1.8 iSight Pro 12MP camera with LED flash, 500-megapixel front camera of the camera.

The concept machine is no longer a physical Home button key concave, like a virtual touch buttons at the bottom of the phone can be used as a touch panel use, such as horizontal sliding adjust music volume and so on.

The concept of adding a new warranty machine design, waterproof, dustproof and anti-fall, so iPhone 6 more solid.

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