Amazon uses 3D Smartphone to open up its Smartphone market?

On Apr 15, BGR exclusively gave the world a first look at Amazon’s unannounced 3D phone planned to be launched in the coming months.  If it’s true, this is sure the door opener for Amazon to enter the competitively developing smartphone market.

Following the coverage of Wall Street Journal reporting that the company’s kick starter to the smartphone market will be announced in June and will have a glasses-free 3D screen, this exclusive report from BGR brings more light upon the phone with images and confirmations from “trusted sources”.


As the image shows, the device, though covered by a protective shell, features a standard front-facing camera for video chats and distinctly another four front-facing cameras that are supposed to work with other sensors to carry out the 3D shooting function. Inevitably, there is a main rear camera which is thought to have a resolution of 13 megapixels.

RTX capture file

The “multiple sources” for BGR also state that the device will run a heavily customized version of Google’s Android operating system, provide 2GB of RAM and be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

In terms of both the 3D features and the operating system, this 3D smartphone just “coincidentally” like a sister phone of HTC’s G17, namely, HTC EVO 3D in 2011. Then, naturally people will be wondering why Amazon chooses to unveil the device after years of development at this time, esp. three years after the HTC EVO 3D was launched to make the device lose much of its luster.


Unfortunately, the “multiple sources” haven’t give a hint of a reason so that we can reason out that the 3D Amazon smartphone is merely a flashy kick starter for the company finally stepping into the smartphone market after years of development.

More reasonably, the 3D device is actually “one of the at least two handsets the company is currently working on” and the second one is unexpectedly a comparatively low-end device with a very competitive price.  Thus the “appealing” higher-end 3D device is probably not only a water-tester but more likely an usher for Amazon to the competitively developing market.

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