Apple TV Updates to 5.1 Causing Many Problems, Downgrading Regarded as the Solution

The second and third-gen varieties of Apple TV has been updated to Apple TV 5.1 in September. That upgrade brought two main features – Shared Photo Streams and iTunes account switching.

Generally, every new update gives the solution to former problems. However, according to users’ report, the Apple TV’s 5.1 update brings more problems than solutions. Some lose the Ariplay compatibility with video/ music and some can’t connect to iTunes while some others said the photo streaming no long work. Also the problems of Internet connection, remote connection, etc. are also appeared.

To solve the problems mentioned above, many users can but downgraded the Apple TV. However, Apple hasn’t give the official comment for this problem yet, but with the amount of problems reported, the problem is expected to be fixed as soon as possible.

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