Apple Will Update Apple TV to Support Bluetooth Keyboard

According to the 9to5Mac, Apple is “ready to implement Bluetooth in its Apple TV products”, which means users can use a Bluetooth keyboard to operate the device.

It has said that the latest Apple TV beta allows users to connect a wireless keyboard to second or third generation Apple TV and use this wireless keyboard to control the Apple TV instead of using the included remote. The arrow keys of the keyboard are used for navigation, the “Return” key will act as the play/pause button and the “Escape” key performances the “menu” or up “one level” functionality. Before update,  you could only pair an iOS device to the Apple TV with the Remote app to handle keyboard entry. Also the latest Apple TV beta makes the search for content much more easier.

The addition of Bluetooth support doesn’t require any hardware change. It just need to active a latent ability present in existing Apple TV units. Users will benefit from the change. Hopefully, it shouldn’t be long until the next Apple TV becomes available for us.

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