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Microsoft to Build Something Big

It was easy to find that Microsoft failed to keep pace with its competitors such as Apple and Google in key markets, including smartphones, tablets and search. At that high time, Satya Nadella stepped into the top position as the CEO of the world’s largest software maker. Nearly four months have passed since Nadella took over the job from Steve Ballmer in February. For four months long, Nadella eventually get around to have his first public interview.

“There are going to be Microsoft devices and there are going to be other devices, and we have to make sure our services run on all of them”, Nadella said.

Microsoft Office for iPad

Released yesterday, the Office for iPad is a much more like the version for laptop than the Office Mobile for iPhone is. Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are made as separate apps with more features in each. Finally, Office users can do what they have always wanted to do with iOS devices, to manage and create documents on the touch screen and it does work great on it and on-the-go.


“The decision to release a version of Microsoft’s best-selling Office business apps for Apple’s iPad tablet in April was about winning usage”, Nadella told the audience of the circles.

Real-time language translation technology


Another new service Microsoft will roll out is a real-time language translation technology set to be an app firstly available for Microsoft 8 users by the end of the year. The service is designed to work with Microsoft’s Skype video conferencing service that claims more than 300 million connected users.  Currently it supports translation for about 40 languages and will be available on all devices, Nadella said.

The speech recognition and translation technology are said to have been working on for more than a decade. The vice president of Skype, Gurdeep Pall posted on his blog that “it is early days for this technology” but he showed great confidence in what they are working on.

Surface Pro 3


Nadella takes great assurance in that the new 12-inch Surface Pro 3 could replace laptops in today’s “post, post-PC era”. The Surface Pro 3, powered by Google’s Android mobile operating system and unveiled this month, is considered by Nadella as a “journey of improvement” at Microsoft.

Nokia Acquisition

The acquisition of Nokia completed last month, which can be called a move Microsoft has carried out recently. The deed, according to Nadella, is after Microsoft recognizes the value of having a “complete” system of hardware, software and services to avoid taking on all the risk of developing hardware for its software and services.

When asked if there will be another big acquisition, Nadella said Microsoft have to build something big and there are cheaper ways for him to get there.

Microsoft Smart Watch: Pursue the Future or Just Follow Like Sheep?

As the wearable electronics become more and more popular, it is said that Microsoft is working on a touch-enabled smart watch on the heels of Apple, Google and Samsung.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft has “asked suppliers in Asia to ship components for a potential watch-style device”. And the report also said the smart watch will feature a 1.5-inch display. However, whether Microsoft will move ahead with the smart watch is still unclear.

Is the word ready for a smart watch? As we know that Microsoft has released a smart watch in 2004, which displayed calendar notifications, news headlines, sports scores through its MSN Direct software. But it seemed a less-than-successful smart watch for it was stopped in 2008. However, if smart watch will be the next big event in tech world, Microsoft apparently doesn’t want to be left behind.

The wearable devices may become the next world-wide electronic equipments. Since the released Android-oriented wearable Google glasses and Apple’s iWatch which to be released, creating its own wearable devices to redefine the users’ experience has become a necessary trend for Microsoft.

Yes, Microsoft doesn’t have the superior internet service of searching and data as Google. And it couldn’t compare with Apple’s almost perfect hardware. However, it doesn’t mean Microsoft’s wearable smart phone has no way out. It has its own advantages like its acclaimed Windows operating system and Xbox devices, etc. can make a way for it in today’s technologically driven society.