Final preview of Windows 8 before release

Microsoft rolls out its final preview of Windows 8 before release. The release of Windows 8 will witness the first massive upgrade of Microsoft’s operating system since Windows 7 was released three years ago.

According to Microsoft’s top Windows executive Steven Sinofsky, now millions of people use the pre-release version that release last September.

The new operating system includes security software. It is said that the Windows Defender doesn’t work if it detects the PC is protected by another security program. Once it senses that no other antivirus software on the computer to protect the PC, it will activate the Antivirus automatically.

The visible change of Windows 8 from previous versions of Windows is its compatibility with touch screen technology. It may be the breakthrough for Microsoft to renew the lasting war between Windows and Mac.

Additionally, Microsoft has said to change its interface to a flatter-looking one instead of the Aero interface. However, the last preview didn’t implemented with the new look. It is expected to first see when Windows ships later this year.

Even though the final preview trial version has been announced, many things in the technology world are still waiting. It could be a big breakthrough in the computing market, but there is a long and narrow road before Windows 8.

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