iPhone 4S: The First Cell Phone With Bluetooth 4.0

The release of iPhone 4S has aroused many discussions about this special products. There are many technological features of iPhone 4S, such as Siri and A5 Processor. However, there is one lesser known feature of iPhone 4S. It is that iPhone 4S is the first cell phone released with the latest Bluetooth version, Bluetooth 4.0.

As we know, Bluetooth 4.o is a low-energy wireless radio technology, aiming principally at  low-power and low-latency. This Bluetooth 4.0 backup-compatible with all other version Bluetooth. However, there aren’t many Bluetooth 4.0 devices have made use of the technology. As the iPhone 4S launched with Bluetooth 4.0, this technology is known as “Bluetooth Smart”.

With this low-power technology, iPhone 4s can totally improve the battery life of iPhone 4s, and it theoretically allows iPhone 4S to connect to the new MacBook Airs  or other  BT 4.0 devices at a  low power mode  50 meters away.

In one word, the Bluetooth 4.0 technology applying to iPhone 4S makes iPhone 4S more interesting. Hope it can do more fantastic things to iPhone 4S users.

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