Microsoft is Replacing Windows Live Messenger with Skype

Windows Live Messenger once the most popular chatting tool all over the world. However, those days and nights you spend chatting with friends on Windows Live Messenger will soon become a memory for Microsoft has announced that it will replace Windows Live Messenger with Skype, via which Microsoft is making an effort to turn Skype into the company’s main instant messaging software.

In order to smoothly and conveniently move the Windows Live Messenger’s users to Skype, Miacrosoft allows them to use Microsoft ID to log in the Skype so as all the contacts in Windows Live Messenger will automatically transfer to Skype. If users who have already owned both accounts of Windows Live Messenger and Skype, they can merge the two account into the Microsoft account. It started with the release of Skype 6.0 for Windows and Mac.

Miacrosoft encourages users to use Skype, which offers more news features than Windows Live Messenger as follow:

1. Make Video and voice calls from mobile devices and through Facebook;

2. Support all device platforms, including iPad and Android tablets;

3. Share screens;

4. Have group video chat.

Microsoft has integrate the Skype communications technology into latest Windows 8. And the firm has said it will take Windows Live Messenger offline all over the world in the first quarter of 2013, except the mainland China.

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