Polk Audio Announces Three Headphones Speciafically for Android Users

Polk Audio, a producer of high quality headphone and speak system, has just announced three different models of headphones (UltraFit 1000a, 2000a and 3000a) specifically for Android-powered devices. The models are part of the “UltraFit” line but are appended with “a” in their model number to indicate their functionality. The three headphones offer full call, volume and music controls with microphones as well.

UltraFit 3000a is the top one of the line, which is described as an “extreme high performance sports headphone system.” It is an in-ear canal headphone and hooks over the ear to hold the headphones in place. UltraFit 2000a is an on-ear headphone since UltraFit 1000a is an in-ear model. The retail price is listed as $99.95 for the 3000a and $69.95 for the 2000a and 1000a.

Besides, all the three headphones feature some noise reduction capability and moisture shield technology.

Combining the three elements of performance, comfort and durability with Polk high performance audio, the three headphones will bring the better sound experience for its listeners.


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