Rumor: Apple Will release iPad 3 with Quad-core Chip

Recently, there is a rumor that Apple will release next generation iPad with a quad-core chip.

According to the report of, buried deep in the latest iOS 5.1 beta is to improve theĀ  processing-core management ability. Surely, increase the speed of Apple iOS devices’ processing is one important updating part. Apple released iPad with a single core chip A4 processor in 2010, then updated the iPad with dual-core chip A5 processor a year later. To fit the pattern, it is very possible that Apple will release the next generation iPad – iPad 3 with a quad-core chip A6 processor. And it is said that such a processor will be launched in 2012.

A device with a quad-core chip will certainly power the ability the device, especially the device with high-resolution display and advanced software, etc. It may bring a new revolution of the digital life. We expect the day it becomes true.

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