Samsung Galaxy S4 Tops Ten Million Sales

Less than one month after its official release on April 27, 2013, Samsung Galaxy S4 has been sold surpassing 10 million, said the electronics giant in a press release.


It is a new record for Samsung. To date Galaxy S4 is the fastest selling smartphone on the market that it has outstrip its predecessor Galaxy S3, which took 50 days to reach 10 million since S2 and S waited about 5 and 7 months respectively. And as the main rival of Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple’s iPhone 5 sold 5 million suites in the first weekend, but slower in the later sale.

In addition to Black and white, it is said that the Galaxy S4 will be available in blue, red, purple and brown this summer.

How do you think the sale of Galaxy S4? The smartphone battle between Samsung and Apple is not over yet. Who will be the final winner? What do you expect about the rumorous iPhone 5S or iPhone 6? Just write the comments to share you point of view.

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