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Something You Need to Know about iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5 was released only half of the year, the rumor about next generation of iPhone called iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 has emerged. What people concern about is the new features of the new iPhone 5S. Will iPhone 5S bring more surprise to iPhone fans? Let’s have a brief look.


Though the specs about iPhone 5S has been leaked, we still can’t get the clear idea of what iPhone 5S look like. Even some people said there are two versions of next generation iPhone – one is 4.2 inches since other is 4.8 inches. Then which one will apply to iPhone 5S is also not clear.

What about the hardware? Rumors claim that Apple will have a quad-core A7 processor, which means the faster processing ability and higher performance of the iPhone 5S. And the iPhone 5S is said to run on the major redesigned mobile operating system iOS 7. Not much to know about the new iOS, but it should be quite significant. Then what I will refer to its the camera. It is widely said Apple will release iPhone 5S with a 13-megapixel camera for iSight setup and a improved FaceTime camera. And the new technology makes the FaceTime camera autofocus. That is what called “Smart Flash”.

Moreover, we also expect that iPhone 5S features the 4G LET, WI-FI, Bluetooth and so on. More info about the iPhone 5S, we are expecting. And we will share the info with all of you once I get the further detailed specs and features of the next gen of iPhone.