Whether Apple will launch next iPhone with 4-inch display screen?

Rumor about the next generation bound up again recently. After the discussion of in-cell touch technology of the coming iPhone, 4-inch screen becoming the new hot topic among iPhone fans. iLounge gave mockups of what the next iPhone (We just call it iPhone 5) will like.

The release of iPhone 4S last October disappointed most iPhone fans because of its similar appearance. Therefore, the speculation about the changing of the next iPhone is to some extent reasonable.

It is said that iPhone 5 will be equipped with LTE radios, which take up more space than 3G radios in smartphone. During the past few years, iPhone has packed up in everything that makes the iPhone densely as possible. And the new iPhone is remarked thinner than the current iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Therefore, there will be no enough room for the LTE radios.

In order to meet the expectation of appearance changing and make room for LTE radios, Apple is likely to change the screen iPhone to 4-inch. However, if iPhone 5 keeps the 3:2 aspect ratio of the current iPhone/iPhone 4/iPhone 4S, it will be too wide for users to operate with only one hand. The best way to solve the problem is to make the iPhone display longer instead of wider. It means that Apple will first change the aspect ratio of iPhone from 3:2 to 9:5 since the iPhone rebut in 2007.

In my opinion, releasing iPhone 5 with 4-inch longer display screen is reasonable and definitely meeting the requirement of the users. It may bring a brand new experience of the iPhone.

However, What iPhone 5 will look like, only Apple knows. Whether the new iPhone will release as people said with in-cell touch technology and 4-inch display screen, the mysterious veil will be unveiled in fall of this year.

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